School Parking

The safety for children in congested streets around Green Bay Schools (both public and parochial) is of the utmost concern for Parking Division staff. Parking Division along with the Green Bay Police Department enforce parking zones around schools daily.

REPORT A PROBLEM  If you have a concern to report or request enforcement at a particular school Contact Us.

DO NOT BECOME A PROBLEM – avoid a citation

To alert drivers, many Green Bay Schools (public and parochial) place orange traffic cones to restrict and prohibit vehicles

Under no circumstances can children load/unload from the following – CITATIONS APPLY:

  • Vehicles stopped in live traffic lanes
  • No Stopping/No Standing zones  (no idling, no loading, no parking)
  • Within 4 ft of driveway or blocking driveway
  • Within 15 ft of crosswalk or blocking crosswalk
  • Within 10 ft of either side of a fire hydrant
  • Within 15 ft of intersection or blocking intersection
  • Bus loading zones
  • If you park and exit your vehicle in a NO PARKING ZONE

If you must walk your child to the school door, park responsibly, it may take a few extra minutes but you are setting an example for your child when they learn to drive someday!

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