Residential Parking Districts

The Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) is currently comprised of 2 districts:

  1. Hospital District
  2. Resch Aquatic Center District

What is the Residential Parking Permit Program and why was it created?

The City of Green Bay approved the Residential Parking Permit Program in the 1980’s to address the negative impacts neighborhoods can experience as a result of too many non-resident vehicles using local streets for parking

The establishment of a residential parking permit district can be a valuable tool for neighborhoods to enhance safety and the appearance of their street.

In order to qualify for a permit, you must be a resident of a designated street.

Each vehicle registered to an address in the RPPP is eligible for a parking permit

Please note that receipt of a Residential Parking Permit does not exempt an individual from other parking restrictions including night parking, snow emergencies and all other parking ordinances.

Residential parking permits are distributed bi-annually; to apply for a RPPP, complete the appropriate form listed below and send to Parking Division.

Astor – Hospital District   Reed St – Resch Aquatic Center District