Find Parking

Do you want to find parking in downtown Green Bay?  Whether you are just visiting for an hour, have handicap parking needs, want to open a new business, or work downtown and need monthly parking, we have a space for you.

THE PARKING DIVISION operates four ramps in the downtown area; these facilities have over 3,200 spaces combined. There are also numerous parking lots in the downtown area under THE PARKING DIVISION’S management. Click on the links to the left for more details. Questions?   Contact Us!

In addition to available on-street parking metered stalls,

  • Brown County
    • Library
      • Library Lot (metered lot; 2 hour max)
      • Pine Street Ramp (overflow or extended stay)
    • Courthouse
      • Cherry Street Ramp (potential jurors park here)
    • Sophie Beaumont Building
      • Pine Street Ramp
    • Northern Building
      • Cherry Street Ramp
  • Children’s Museum
    • River Ramp
  • City Deck
    • Adams Street Parking Lot
    • Cherry Street Ramp
  • City Hall
    • City Hall Lot (metered; do not park in RESERVED stalls citations will be issued)
    • Pine Street Ramp
  • Federal Courthouse
    • Cherry Street Ramp
  • Hampton Inn
    • Main Street Ramp
  • Hyatt Hotel
    • Main Street Ramp
  • KI Convention Center
    • Main Street Ramp
    • Pine Street Ramp (overflow)
  • Meyer Theatre
    • Cherry Street Ramp
    • Citations may be received in adjacent private parking lots, use Cherry Street Ramp
  • Northland Hotel (opening 2017)
    • Pine Street Ramp
  • Washington Street Businesses
    • Cherry Street Ramp

For downtown residents and employees, purchasing monthly parking in a parking ramp is the most convenient and economical solution available.

The 2017 parking monthly rates are as follows. Additional discounted incentives apply for groups of 50 or more. See our map for locations:

  • Pine Street Ramp = $64.00
  • Main Street Ramp = $64.00
  • Cherry Street Ramp = $73.50
  • River Ramp = no monthly parking available
  • Adams Lot = no monthly parking available
  • Lot B = $16.40
    • West side, off Broadway under Tillemann Bridge
  • Lot E = $44.50
    • East side, southeast corner of Stuart and S. Jefferson Street, behind the YWCA
  • Lot F = $31.70
    • West side, cleverly hidden behind the Old Fort Square complex, 300 N Broadway
  • Lot PS = $16.40
    • West side, off Broadway