The Parking Division provides parking spaces for daily users of downtown facilities requiring extended parking services, as well as short-term parking for shoppers and visitors to the downtown area. In addition, the department enforces both on-street and off-street parking ordinances 24 hours a day and collects revenues from parking meters. The Division maintains and operates 3 cashier-attended parking ramps with over 2,700 parking spaces, 2 cashier-attended parking lots with 350 parking spaces, 18 off-street parking lots with over 1,275 parking spaces, and 850 metered on-street and surface lot parking spaces.

City ordinances state that there shall be:

No parking on any City street during snow emergencies. Please listen to your local news telecast or radio programming for information during heavy snow conditions.

No parking on the lawn in front of the house. Cars are not allowed to park between the house and the street unless they are on the driveway.

No parking across the sidewalk. Vehicles cannot block any part the public sidewalk.

No parking overnight on the street. Parking is prohibited between the hours of 3:00 am and 5:00 am year-round in the City of Green Bay.

No parking of inoperable or unlicensed vehicles in driveways, yards, or along alleys. Parking of inoperable vehicles and/or vehicles without a license plate with a current sticker is prohibited on residential lots unless the vehicle is kept inside a garage.  All vehicles, boats, campers, etc., should be properly licensed if stored outside.

No parking except on paved surfaces (concrete, asphalt, gravel, or brick). Residents are asked to properly park their vehicles and not store excess vehicles on their property. Residents are reminded that the City has and will continue to enforce its parking ordinances.  Failure to comply with the ordinances may result in costly citations.  More importantly, compliance with the ordinances will help to maintain safe and desirable neighborhoods.