Winter Information

Snow Emergencies

The residents of the City of Green Bay are advised that snow emergencies may be announced.

If the area experiences severe weather conditions that include heavy and/or blowing snow, the City of Green Bay may be compelled to swiftly declare a “SNOW EMERGENCY” and announce it through the local news media.  Please tune in to local news stations for the latest information.

If a SNOW EMERGENCY is declared, ANY AND ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM CITY STREETSFailing to do so will result in parking citations and/or towing fees.

Please cooperate in moving vehicles off the streets in any snow emergency so that the Department of Public Works can clear the streets of snow as effectively and as quickly as possible to benefit all.

Snow Plowing Information

If a vehicle is parked on a City of Green Bay Street during a snow occurrence, please consider moving it to an off-street location.  This action will better serve residents because:

  1. DPW will be able to clear streets to the curb on the first pass and will not have to return to re-plow, reducing the time it will take to finish plowing the City.
  2. DPW will not have to leave a windrow of snow around parked vehicles.  Snow windrows may be too high to allow vehicles to easily move out of on-street parking locations.

If your mailbox has been damaged or knocked over during a snow plow operation, please call our office with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Whether or not you can receive mail

Snow Shoveling

Shovel early & shovel often!

In accordance with City Ordinance 9.30, owners, renters, and persons in charge of real estate are reminded that all snow and ice must be removed from sidewalk (full width and length) within 24 hours after snow or ice has fallen.  Any property found in violation will be addressed by the Department of Public Works immediately without prior notification by the City.

Failure to clear sidewalks within 24 hours after a storm ends will result in the City removing the snow and/or ice and charging the actual cost of the work to the property owner.  In addition, anyone failing to properly remove snow and/or ice from their sidewalk may be issued a citation that could result in a fine of up to $500.00 for second and subsequent incidents.  City of Green Bay Department of Public Works asks all residents to comply with the snow/ice ordinance to promote pedestrian safety, and eliminate the chance of invoices and citations.

For questions or reports of snow and/or ice on sidewalks, please call our office.

We would also like to remind residents of City Ordinance 9.30 that prohibits owners, renters, or persons in charge of real estate from depositing snow and ice from private property, such as parking lots, service stations, or other private property including residences, into any City street or alley.  Anyone depositing snow and ice from private property into City streets or alleys may be issued a citation by the Police Department that could result in a fine of up to $500.00.