Sanitation Section

                                            Contact Phone Numbers
Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (920) 448-3535
Emergency after hours, weekends, & holidays (920) 492-3735 or (920) 680-1020
24/7 Automated Information Line (920) 492-3731


The Sanitation Section is responsible for collection and transportation of most residential and some commercial solid waste generated within the City of Green Bay. Sanitation Section operates 10 collection routes per day, five (5) on either side of the City, providing weekly collection service to all participants.

Residential recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, tin and aluminum is mandatory in the State of Wisconsin.  Every resident is required to separate recyclable material from other solid waste and place it in a City-approved recycling container for collection and proper processing.  Sanitation Section operates six (6) recycling routes on the east side and six (6) recycling routes on the west side bi-weekly.

The Sanitation Section also collects brush on a routine basis.  The brush is chipped and hauled to one of two (2) City-operated yard waste centers for processing and re-use. The final composted product, made from yard & garden waste along with brush, is made available at no charge to Green Bay residents, and sold to vendors.  The product is also sold to vendors for use as ground cover, boiler fuel and lawn/garden nutrient manufacturing.

An average of 438 tons of trash was collected by Sanitation and delivered to the Brown County Transfer Station each week in 2014.  Last year, 22,794 tons of trash and 7,191 tons of recycling were collected through curbside collection. Approximately 29,400 brush stops were made.

Any questions or problems about these services should be reported to the phone number listed above.