Recycling is mandatory in the City of Green Bay.  If you do not have a recycling cart please call 920-448-3535.

Download the RECYCLING CALENDAR 2015 to find the recycling week for your area.

Find information on Single Stream Recycling.

For information on acceptable recycling materials, visit Brown County’s Recycling Program.


Click here to see a list of additional materials that will be accepted for recycling starting December 1, 2014!


Holiday Schedule

When a full day holiday (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas) falls on a regular workday (Monday-Friday), garbage and recycling collection will be delayed by one (1) day for any days remaining in that week.

For example, if the full holiday falls on Monday, Monday’s collection will occur on Tuesday. If the holiday falls on Tuesday, Monday’s collection will follow the normal schedule, but Tuesday will be collected on Wednesday, and so forth as the holiday falls on the days during the week.

Full day holidays falling on a Saturday do not affect the normal schedule in any way. Full day holidays falling on a Sunday would make every day’s collection that week one day later – in other words, Monday’s collection would move to Tuesday, Tuesday’s collection would move to Wednesday, Wednesday’s collection would move to Thursday, Thursday’s collection would move to Friday, and Friday’s collection would moved to Saturday.

When a half-day holiday (Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Good Friday) falls on a regular workday, garbage and recycling collection will remain on the normal schedule for those days.


E-Cycling Information

What is E-Cycle Wisconsin?   

In October  2009, Governor Jim Doyle signed Wisconsin Act 50 into law. The purpose of this  law is to create a program for the collection and proper recycling of certain  electronic devices. The law also prohibits certain electronics from being  disposed in landfills or incinerators.

Why do we need to recycle electronics in Wisconsin?     

Electronics, including computers, computer peripherals, televisions, cell phones, printers and other electronics  contain many known harmful materials such as lead, mercury, chromium and many  others. When improperly disposed, these hazardous materials can leach into the  surrounding environment and affect both human health as well as the surrounding  ecosystem. Improper disposal may also expose waste management workers to  additional risk.   Also, proper recycling  of electronics ensures the reuse of as many materials as possible. This reduces  the environmental impact of consumer electronics as well as lowers the economic  costs for the manufacturer.

Details about the law   

After 1 September 2010, all Wisconsin residents must abide by the Wisconsin Electronics  Recycling Law. Wisconsin residents are prohibited from disposing of specified  electronics in landfills or incinerators. While a fee may still be imposed by  collectors or recyclers for the recycling of the electronic device, this law  was designed to make recycling easier and more convenient statewide. A full list of manufacturers already signed  onto the program as well as electronic devices covered under this law is  available at the WDNR website at

The following will be banned  from collection starting August 30, 2010:

  • televisions
  • computers (desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet computers)
  • desktop printers (including those that scan, fax and/or copy)
  • computer monitors
  • other computer accessories (including keyboards, mice, speakers, external hard drives and flash drives)
  • e-readers
  • DVD players, VCRs and other video players (i.e., DVRs)
  • fax machines
  • cell phones

Many retailers in Wisconsin already collect electronics for proper disposal. In the Green Bay/Brown County area a variety of options already exists. See the list below for facilities in Green Bay that accepts electronics for recycling. As a note, some of these collectors may charge a fee for some or all of the types of electronics accepted under this program.

  • Brown County Household  Hazardous Waste Facility
  • Best Buy
  • Milwaukee PC
  • Paragon Green LLC
  • Cyber Green LLC
  • Lamp Recyclers, Inc.

This prohibition  is imposed on any person, business or entity in Wisconsin.  This is a statewide ban no matter the  origination of the devices households, schools, businesses, governments and  institutions included. 

More information in regards to E-Cycle Wisconsin visit: