Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for designing, inspecting and supervising the construction of various public works projects. Projects that the Engineering Division are responsible for include roads, alleys, sidewalks, sewers (storm and sanitary), bridges, parking lots and ramps, and municipal buildings.  In addition, the division provides engineering services and contract administration on projects for other City departments. The division calculates assessment costs to individual properties for public improvement and development fees for new subdivisions. Also, the division is responsible for obtaining land and easements for public improvements and maintains records related to land acquisition and street vacations. This division issues permits for activities within the public right-of-way, administers the sanitary sewer service charges, and maintains as-built records for streets, sewers and municipal structures.

City Five-Year Local Roads Construction/Reconstruction Program
The concept development and design process for any major street reconstruction project takes 2 to 3 years to complete. Approximately one year prior to construction, a public information meeting is held to discuss the preliminary design of the reconstruction project. All abutting property owners are invited to the meeting. Prior to award of construction contracts a public hearing is held to discuss any special assessments that may be related to the project.

Asphalt Resurfacing
Asphalt resurfacing projects, which are generally less intensive than reconstruction projects, are programmed on a three year basis. Three years prior to construction, a postcard survey is sent to all abutting property owners on streets being considered for resurfacing. The results of those surveys are reviewed by staff and the Improvement and Services Committee prior to finalizing the next year of the program. Establishing the program three years in advance allows a coordination of any necessary utility work as well as providing property owners the opportunity to plan for related assessments. Public hearing on special assessments will be held the year of construction, prior to the awarding of contracts.


Bidder’s Proof of Responsibility

Specifications and Construction Standards