Downtown Loading Zones

A common problem in US Cities, is the congestion. Cities were not designed a century ago for oversized vehicles. The challenge is to accommodate delivery/moving/construction vehicles while maintaining access for emergency vehicles (like fire trucks) thru streets, into alleys, and onto City Deck.

With the significant developments that have occurred in the North Washington Street corridor over the last several years, vehicular and pedestrian traffic have increased while available parking has decreased.  Delivery and moving vehicles, in particular, routinely block the streets in the North Washington corridor to the point where the streets are not passable  and emergency access to the City Deck and adjacent alleys is not possible.

Parking Division realizes the challenges downtown businesses and residents have related to deliveries.  Parking would like to remind everyone the zones are signed and enforced for the safety of downtown residents, workers and guests. Parking strictly enforces the NO STOPPING/NO STANDING zones in the downtown area and encourages the distribution of the attached flyer and map to vendors.

NO STOPPING/NO STANDING = no idling, no loading, no parking

Vehicles will be cited when found parking on:

  • City Deck Court: NO PARKING zone on the south side of the street
  • 100 block Pine Street: NO STOPPING/NO STANDING zones on either side of the street;  blocking access to alley (this is a towable offense)
  • 100 block Cherry Street: NO STOPPING/NO STANDING zones on either side of the street;  blocking access to alley (this is a towable offense)
  • Blocking alleys for any length of time
  • North Washington Street: drive lanes or NO PARKING zones

Approved delivery zones; vehicles must be actively loading/unloading

  • 300 block of North Washington Street, WEST side of the street
  • 200 block Cherry Street, NORTH side of the street
  • Use available parking meters; flashers on; FREE (must be actively loading/unloading)
  • Consider altering delivery times to early morning hours to avoid congestion

Refer to this map for a visual of parking/loading zones downtown!

Moving?  Parking meters may be hooded RESERVED for $10 each, per day (fee applies 7 days per week). Click HERE for form.

Construction vehicles and/or construction worker vehicles, contact Traffic Division at 448-3100 for Obstruction Permits and construction worker vehicle parking information.

Please help Parking keep the downtown safe for everyone!