Sewers 6-17 (Including Water Main)

Quest #5275972 Contract: “SEWERS 6-17 (INCLUDING WATER MAIN)” City of Green Bay, Wisconsin Sealed proposals will be received in the Office of the City Clerk/Treasurer of the City of Green Bay, Room 106, City Hall, 100 North Jefferson Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54301 until 2:00 p.m. on Aug … [Read more...]

CD 17-02 Part “A” Sidewalk and Pavement Repair and Part “B” Alley Resurfacing

Quest #5268323 City of Green Bay “CD 17-02 PART “A” SIDEWALK AND PAVEMENT REPAIR PART “B” ALLEY RESURFACING” The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin, will receive bids for Community Development Project Number “CD 17-02 PART “A” “SIDEWALK AND PAVEMENT REPAIR” and PART “ … [Read more...]