Automated Trash Collection

The City of Green Bay Department of Public Works (DPW) is in the final stage of planning for the roll-out of automated trash collection in Green Bay.  Unlike the roll-out of Green Bay’s automated recycling program (which took place from 2009 to 2013), DPW will roll-out the City’s automated trash collection program over a six-month period beginning in January of 2014.

Transition to automated trash collection in Green Bay will take place in three phases, to coincide with the staged upgrade of garbage trucks from manual to automated loading.  The three phases are scheduled to begin in January, April and July of 2014.

Approximately two (2) weeks prior to the start of each automated trash collection conversion phase, affected residents will receive a green 96-gallon trash cart along with information packets.  The packets will include information regarding the automated collection program.  Highlights of the program include:

1)     Only trash contained inside of the trash cart will be collected.

2)     The City will schedule four (4) weeks per year during which residents can place extra (overflow) trash for collection outside of trash carts in plastic bags only.

3)     Construction, remodeling and demolition debris will not be collected.

4)     The City will schedule two (2) times per year during which residents can place large/bulky household trash items (that do not fit in the trash cart) to the curb for collection.  A maximum of 2 cubic yards can be set out (6′ x 3′ x 3′, in comparison  the size of approximately 2 washing machines).

5)     An annual solid waste collection calendar will be distributed to all City of Green Bay trash collection customers.

Look for information  from your neighborhood association, in your water bill, in the newspaper, on the local news, on billboards, and on the side of garbage trucks.

Questions & Answers

 Q: What is happening with trash collection?

A:  The City is going to a mandatory automated trash collection program.  This means that the trash truck driver will operate the truck’s mechanical arm to lift trash carts and empty them into the trash truck.

Q: What does this mean to me?

A:  A 96-gallon, wheeled trash cart will be delivered to each living unit and business.  All trash set out for collection must be placed in the City-issued trash cart.  Trash placed outside of the City-issued trash cart will not be collected.

Q: When does this program start?

  1. The automated trash collection program is being planned in three (3) phases.  The first phase of cart distribution will commence in December 2013 with automated collection starting in January 2014.  The second phase of cart distribution will commence in March 2014 with automated collection starting in April 2014.  The third (and final) phase of cart distribution will commence in June 2014 with automated collection starting in July 2014.

Q: When will I receive the 96-gallon trash cart?

A:  The automated trash collection program will be implemented in three (3) phases with delivery by address within a specific sanitation route.

December 2013 cart delivery with automated trash collection starting in January 2014:

Routes 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110

Routes 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210

Routes 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310

Routes 405, 406, 407, 408, 409, 410

Routes 505, 506, 507, 508, 509, 510

March 2014 trash cart delivery with automated trash collection starting in April 2014:

Routes 103, 104, 203, 204, 303, 304, 403, 404, 503, 504

June 2014 trash cart delivery with automated trash collection starting in July 2014:

Routes 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 401, 402, 501, 502

 To find the sanitation route number for your address, check the City’s website at:

  • Enter your house number.
  • A drop down list of addresses appears.  Select your address if shown.
    • If your address is not in the drop down list, type in entire address. Do NOT use any punctuation. Direction: N, S, E, W.
      • Click SEARCH button.
  • Click on the NEIGHBORHOOD tab.  Look for Public Works in the list.

Q: How can I order a trash cart?

A:  Trash carts will be delivered to your property, residence, or business by the cart vendor. Residents, property owners, and businesses are unable to order a trash cart at any time.

Q: Can I have more than one (1) trash cart?

A:  Each living unit and business will receive one (1) 96-gallon trash cart.  Anyone requesting additional trash carts must petition, in writing, to the City Improvement & Service Committee, City Clerk, 100 N. Jefferson Street, Green Bay, WI 54301.

Q: Can I still use other containers and/or plastic bags?

A.    No. You can only use the City of Green Bay-issued trash cart.  Separate bags and containers set out for collection will not be collected or emptied.  See back of Page 3 for “What do I do with trash that doesn’t fit in my trash cart?”

QCan I purchase a wheeled trash cart anywhere else?

A:  No, only City-issued trash carts will be collected.

Q: What size is a trash cart?

A:  The City’s standard size is a 96-gallon trash cart.

Q: Are there any other choices for a trash cart size?

A:  At the start-up of this program, residents, property owners and businesses will have the opportunity to trade down to a 64-gallon trash cart.  However, cart cost is the same regardless of cart size.  Be advised that all trash set out for weekly collection must fit inside the trash cart and the cart cover must close.  Please consider your trash capacity needs for springtime, garage and basement cleaning projects each year.  The City recommends the standard 96-gallon trash cart for all residents.

Q: What is the charge for a trash cart?

A:  The cost of either trash cart, whether 96-gallon or 64-gallon, is $60.00 each.

Q: How is the trash cart paid for?

A:  The cost will be placed on your 2013 and 2014 tax bills.

Q: Can I pay for the trash cart directly and avoid the charge being placed on my property tax bill(s)?

A:  No.  All payments will be returned.

Q: What can go into the trash cart?

A:  The same materials currently collected as household trash (or you may go online to  Be advised that the cart cover must close.  No liquids, electronics, hazardous materials, or recycling will be collected from the trash carts.  You must continue to place all recycling in the automated City-issued recycling cart that you should already have.

Q: Can trash be placed OUTSIDE of the cart for collection?

A:  No. Trash left outside of the trash cart will NOT BE COLLECTED. You must remove it from the curb. Please note that the resident, property owner, or business will be invoiced according to fees listed below if the City collects (see FEES FOR ON-COMPLYING SET-OUT below).

Q: Can I still use other containers and/or plastic bags for trash?

A:  No.  Residents, property owners, or businesses can only use the City of Green Bay-issued trash cart.  Separate bags and containers set out for trash collection will not be collected or emptied.  See below for “What do I do with trash that doesn’t fit into my trash cart?”

Q: What do I do with trash that doesn’t fit into my trash cart?

A:  Bulk household items that don’t fit into the trash cart cannot be set to the curb (outside of the trash cart) on your collection day anymore. Residents must now plan ahead!  Bulk household items can be brought to drop off locations free of charge at the East Side Municipal Garage, 1820 Mills Street (Henry Street entrance) and the West Side Municipal Garage, 519 S. Oneida Street (Redwood Drive entrance off West Mason Street).  Certain electronics may have a disposal fee.  Hours at the drop off locations are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm year-round. For directions, go online to and click on Bulk Household Items Drop Off Sites Map.

Or, bulk household items can be taken to the Brown County transfer station at 3734 West Mason Street (there will be a charge; call Brown County’s Resource Recovery Department 492-4950 for hours and fees).

In 2014, the City will offer free of charge four (4) annual curbside “overflow” collection weeks of HOUSEHOLD TRASH IN PLASTIC BAGS ONLY OUTSIDE OF THE TRASH CART in the 3rd week of March, the 2nd week of July, the 3rd week of September, and the 4th week of December.  You may place up to four (4) 32-gallon plastic bags maximum, or  eight (8) smaller plastic bags (such as trash basket plastic liners) maximum, at curbside during these weeks.

ALSO, the City will offer two (2) annual curbside collection weeks of bulk household items up to 2 cubic yards (6’ x 3’ x 3’) maximum during the 3rd week of March and the 3rd week of September at no charge (see definition of bulk household items under Item No. 2 at FEES FOR NON-COMPLYING SET-OUT below).

Overflow Household Waste Calendar – 2014

Q: Where can I store my trash cart?

A:  In your garage, shed, outbuilding, or directly behind the home – the trash cart cannot be visible from the street.

Q: Can I share a trash cart with a neighbor?

A:  No.  All living units and businesses will be issued a trash cart – no exceptions.  For example, a single family residence will be issued one (1) trash cart; a duplex will be issued two (2) trash carts; a 4-plex will be issued four (4) trash carts.



Carpeting concrete, shingles, plaster, drywall, insulation, junk wood, roofing, flooring, piping, toilets, sinks, air conditioning compressors, asphalt, siding, brick, tile, cabinets, empty lot cleanup (trees/brush/stumps), soil, stones, rocks, clay, etc.

  • $48.00 per cubic yard.

 2)    BULK HOUSEHOLD ITEMS (PLEASE NOTE: both the 3rd week of March and 3rd week of September only, bulk household items of 2 cubic yards maximum (6’ x 3’ x 3’) can be set at curb for free collection)

Sofas, couches, loveseats, tables, chairs, desks, mattresses, box springs, beds, cribs, entertainment centers, free-standing cabinets, grills, ladders, mowers, exercise equipment, lawn/patio furniture, swing sets, bikes, lawn & holiday display items, etc.

  • $70.00 up to and including three (3) cubic yards  (3 cubic yards:  9’ x 3’ x 3’)
  • $140.00 over three (3) cubic yards to ten (10) cubic yards
  • $210.00 over ten (10) cubic yards

3)                        APPLIANCES

  • $25.00 for collection of all appliances except for refrigerators and freezers (i.e., stoves, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, microwaves, washers, dryers, water heaters, furnaces, window air conditioners, etc.)
    • $35.00 for collection of refrigerators and freezers

 Questions?  Contact Department of Public Works at 920-448-3535, 100 N. Jefferson Street, Room 300, Green Bay, WI 54301.