Wednesday, January 11, 2012

City Hall, Room 210

4:30 PM






M. Borlee M. Vogel

M. Milano . D. Hillman Exc.

N. Dorff Exc. G. Sikich



Staff present: G. Flisram, J. Harrington, Economic Development Department; Mayor Jim Schmitt, Conner Jerzak, Ronn Kleinschmidt, Bay Industries; Marc Hess, Dominican Equities S.R.L


Meeting called to order by Chairman G. Sikich at 4:30 p.m.




1.    Motion was made by M. Borlee to approve the minutes of the November 9, 2011 meeting, seconded by M. Milano. Motion carried.



2.    J. Harrington commented for the EDA board to try and make all of the board meetings the second Wednesday of the month. Please mark the dates on your calendar. The EDA board has a difficult time to make a quorum monthly and we had to cancel the last meeting due to a lack of a quorum.



Mayor Schmitt spoke briefly on behalf of item #4 and stated that there is a great opportunity for the City to be more connected with the world. In the next ten years, we are going to see a tremendous amount of growth in the world from lower class up to middle class and from middle class to upper class. The majority of people will move to middle class. There is a lot of opportunity in the world. Outside and in the United States it is nice to have a relationship with the Mayor. There is a tremendous economic upside to Green Bay. The City of Green Bay does get asked to be a Sister City all of the time. The Mayor supports the City of Green Bay becoming a Sister City of Santiago, Dominican Republic one hundred percent. (Mayor Schmitt left the EDA meeting to attend another meeting.)





  1. Discussion on a request by Bay Industries to resolve issues of adverse soil conditions on property the EDA sold to them at 3146 Yeager Drive in August 2010. (parcel #21-180-15)

G. Flisram stated Bay Industries approached the City several months ago and asked to be reimbursed for some of the extraordinary engineering costs associated with fines from the property by their corporate headquarters. After a couple of meetings it was decided that the City, Bay Industries, and the contractor would each be responsible for one third of these costs. D. Hillman had a change of heart and in the letter he sent out to staff and the EDA board he was able to explain that it was basically a wash. D. Hillman concluded that Bay Industries should be able to purchase parcel #21-146-8 for $1.00. The City sold parcel #21-180-15 that was overvalued because of the soil conditions on that site. Bay Industries would have never purchased parcel #21-180-15 if they would have known then what they know now. The staff recommendation is to give parcel #21-146-8 to Bay Industries for $1.00.

R. Kleinschmidt stated that Bay Industries would not have purchased parcel #21-180-15 and would have put the building someplace else. They did like the location of the land because it was close to our corporate headquarters.

G. Sikich read the closed session notice. Motion made by M. Borlee, seconded by M. Vogel to convene in closed session.

Motion made by M. Borlee, seconded by M. Vogel to reconvene in open session. Motion carried.

G. Sikich stated that the EDA board reviewed the whole situation and agrees to approve the sale of parcel #21-146-8 to Bay Industries for $1.00, with the condition that the property be developed within 5 years. The EDA board would also like Bay Industries to report back to the EDA board with annual updates on their development project.

Motion to sell parcel #21-146-8, lot 1 to Bay Industries for the purchase price of $1.00. Within that agreement, they will not sell it for a profit, with the condition that the property is developed within 5 years, and first right of refusal back to the City and to report back to the EDA board with annual for an updates. Motion made by M. Borlee, seconded by M. Vogel, G. Sikich abstained. Motion carried.



4.    Presentation by Marc Hess on the City of Green Bay becoming a Sister City of Santiago, Dominican Republic. The Mayor is seeking the EDAs input.

Marc Hess of Dominican Equities S.R.L. stated his background is energy and finance and works for WPS in Green Bay. He went to the Santiago, Dominican Republic because they have high energy prices, a lot of waste, poor energy quality and a very quick return on investment. M. Hess met with Mayor Gilberto Serulle and was offered a position as the Energy Advisor.


G. Sikich asked what involvement the City of Green Bay would have. M. Hess stated a sister city relationship would be to formulize a relationship between the two cities Green Bay and Santiago and provide economic opportunity and community benefit that would benefit many businesses.


M. Hess passed around a letter from Dr. Gilberto Serulle, Mayor of the City of Santiago, Dominican Republic (see attached) stating he is interested in forming a sister city relationship to build upon the foundation of friendship, to promote tourism for the city, attract investors, and encourage exchange of education and job creation.


M. Hess indicated that Santiago is the 2nd largest city in the Dominican Republic with a population of 1.2 million people and Santo Domingo is the capital. He gave a power point presentation regarding economic opportunities for the City of Green Bay to become a sister city with the City of Santiago, Dominican Republic to the EDA board and discussed the following:


         Historical Perspective

         Growth in Key Industries


         Recent Economic Growth

         SMART Program

         Potential Green Bay Business Connections

Motion to support the City of Green Bay establishing a sister city relationship with Santiago, Dominican Republic. Motion made by M. Milano, seconded by M. Vogel. Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn made by G. Sikich, seconded by M. Milano. Motion carried.