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Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

The Wisconsin Retirement System covers employees of the State of Wisconsin and employees of local government employers. Administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF), this plan has been rated as one of the top retirement plans in the U.S. Contributions begin as of the date of hire for eligible employees. Elected officials, general employees and protective employees pay 50% of the general contribution rate.  For more information regarding the Wisconsin Retirement System, please visit the WRS website.

2017 Rates




General Employee

6.8% of earnings

6.8% of earnings

Protective with Social Security

6.8% of earnings

11% of earnings

Protective without Social Security

6.8% of earnings

15.3% of earnings

Elected Official

6.8% of earnings

6.8% of earnings


Contact Information:
Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF)
Phone: 877-533-5020

Deferred Compensation

The City of Green Bay participates in two Section 457 deferred compensation plans that are administered by Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC) and ICMA.  These plans allow you to save and invest funds for retirement while deferring Federal and State income taxes until retirement.

Plan Contribution Limits


2017 Limit

Annual Deferral Limit for 457 plans


“Pre-Retirement” Catch-Up Limit


“Age 50” Catch-Up Limit



Contact ICMA regarding questions about the ICMA deferred compensation plan. Enrollment and changes to your plan can be made at any time by submitting the enrollment/change forms to Human Resources.

Click here if you are not enrolled in ICMA-RC’s Deferred Compensation Plan!

Want a Roth IRA? Click here to learn more!

Contact Information:

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC)

Contact WDC regarding the WDC deferred compensation plan, to enroll, or to make changes to your current contributions. Enrollment and changes to your plan can be made at any time through the WDC website or by calling WDC.

Contact Information:


Life Insurance

The City of Green Bay offers City paid life insurance to regular full-time employees as well as the option to purchase additional life insurance coverage for the employee and spouse/dependents. 

Long Term Disability

The City of Green Bay offers Long Term Disability (LTD) Income Protection Insurance to active employees working a minimum of 37.5 hours per week. Monthly LTD benefits are 60% of monthly earnings, up to a maximum of $6,000 per month. Please refer to the LTD plan highlights for details. Employee premiums are determined by the employee’s annual income and age.

Flexible Spending Account 

The Flexible Spending Account for City of Green Bay employees is administered by the Employee Benefit Corporation of EBC. This voluntary plan allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses instead of paying for the benefits through after-tax dollars.

Please note – the maximum an employee may elect to defer for eligible medical expenses is $2,600.  Employees can still elect to defer up to $5,000 per year into a dependent care reimbursement account.

Contact Information:
Employee Benefit Corporation

 Additional resources regarding the Flexible Spending Account.

FICA Alternative

The City of Green Bay utilizes a FICA Alternative Retirement Program for all seasonal and temporary employees.