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The web is where people go to find things. Ninety-seven percent of Americans who use the Internet—pretty much all of us—look online for local goods and services: that special place to eat tonight, that last-minute appointment for a haircut, someone to come quickly to fix that leak. Businesses need to be where their customers are. In 2013, that’s online.

Yet, more than half of all U.S. small businesses do not have a website. Many of those businesses are completely invisible in the one place people are looking for them—on the web. That’s over 15 million businesses  that  can’t  be  found  online.

The impact of being online is huge. Over the next 3 years, businesses that make use of the web are expected to grow 40% faster and are twice as likely to create jobs. With small businesses creating two-thirds of all new jobs, the potential impact of getting these businesses online is enormous.

We have seen this impact firsthand as businesses throughout the country get online and succeed on the web. Since July 2011, Google’s Get Your Business Online program has made it fast, easy and free for any business to get online. Businesses get a website, a custom domain name and web hosting—all free for a year. To date, over 135,000 businesses have gotten online through the program. If put side  by side, these businesses would make up a Main Street stretching a third of the way across the country. Their stories of success have shown us that getting online may perhaps be the fastest and easiest thing a business can do to grow.


Get Your Business Online is a Google-led program dedicated to driving economic growth by providing small businesses the tools and resources to get online and succeed online.

Click here to Get Your Business Online fast, free and easy.