Engine/Ladder/Ambulance Request

Fire Prevention Request Form

  • Please read the following information before submitting your On-Line Request for a Fire Prevention Visit! The Fire Marshal's Office makes no guarantee that the times you have selected will be available. As a rule, the earlier you submit your request, the more likely that we will be able to fulfill it. The time between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15 is extremely busy, so please get your requests in early for those months. The Fire Marshal's Office regrets that it cannot schedule visits outside the boundaries of the City of Green Bay or the Village of Allouez. Those living outside the City of Green Bay or the Village of Allouez are encouraged to contact their local fire department for scheduling visits. Certain events may occur that will force a delay to the start of an event or cancel it altogether. Firefighters may also have to cut short a visit in order to respond to emergencies. These events include, but are not limited to: Emergency fire or medical response, impending severe weather, or unexpected personnel shortage. If any of these events occur and if they interfere with your scheduled visit, we will take steps to reschedule your group with the highest priority. You should receive a confirmatory telephone call from the Fire Marshal's Office within 3 business days of sending this form. If after three business days you have not received a response, please feel free to contact us at the Administrative offices of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department 448-3280. Note to businesses requesting promotional visits: Under certain circumstances, the Fire Marshal's Office will provide vehicles and personnel to coincide with your promotional activities, such as Community-oriented events and charitable events. All submissions will be carefully reviewed to determine the suitability for the presence of a Municipal Department at these events. Please submit these requests with a MINIMUM 1 month advance notice.
  • For station tours you do not need to select a vehicle below. Please note that Station 4 and 7 only have fire engines. Stations 2,3,5,6 and 8 have ambulances and engines. Stations 2,5, and 6 have engines, ladder trucks, and ambulances. The fire department will bring at least one vehicle to your event. No vehicle will be guaranteed. We can only bring that which is available to us that day. If no vehicle is needed (say, for a health fair event), please indicate in the first box. Otherwise, please indicate your choice of vehicles to be at your event.