Fireworks are something that many people, kids and adults alike, look forward to year after year.  Unfortunately, emergency rooms across the United States treat an average of 10,500 people for fireworks related injuries yearly.  Fireworks are also responsible for an average of 1400 home and 200 vehicle fires per year.  More fires are reported on Independence Day than on any other day of the year and fireworks are responsible for half of these fires.

Some facts about the injuries:

  • The majority of injuries were to the head and the hands.
  • Over half of these injuries were burns.
  • A third of fireworks injuries happen to children 5 and under.
  • Over 90% of fireworks injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms involve fireworks that Federal regulations permit consumers to use.

To keep safe when lighting fireworks this year, follow these guidelines:

  • Never allow children to play with or light fireworks.
  • If you decide to let your child use a sparkler, make sure that they are constantly supervised and are old enough to understand that they or someone else could get hurt if they are not careful (sparklers burn at 1200 degrees F or higher).
  • Never try to relight “dud” fireworks.  Leave them alone for 30 minutes before approaching.
  • Keep a garden hose nearby just in case of malfunction or fire.
  • Maintain a safe distance.
  • Always light fireworks on a hard level surface (preferably concrete).
  • Avoid alcohol when using fireworks.
  • Keep your pets on a leash.


Fireworks can easily cause fires, severe burns, and even death if not careful.  Let’s all do our part to be extra careful this year to avoid becoming another statistic.

Wisconsin Fireworks Law Clarification 2009

Fireworks Permit Application


What are the laws in Green Bay for lighting off fireworks?

  • If it leaves the ground or explodes and goes boom, it is not allowed in Green Bay without a permit.
    • Sparklers, snakes, spark fountains, and smoke bombs are permitted.
    • Bottle rockets, mortars, and firecrackers are examples of fireworks that require a permit.

What are the fireworks permit requirements for the City of Green Bay?

The plain and simple answer is that if you are not a professional fireworks company then it will be extremely dificult to obtain a permit.

  • You must have a five million dollar umbrella insurance policy.
  • Must have a site plan which details what you will be lighting off and the appropriate National Fire Protection Association recommended distances.
  • Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms "Notice of Clearance".