Farmers’ Market Scale Rules

  • Scales required for sale of fresh produce items by weight shall be of a commercial type meeting NIST Handbook 44 requirements.
  • Scales newer than 1986 shall be marked NIST Class III.
  • Scales newer than January 1, 1997, must be NTEP approved – vendors must have a scale with a capacity of 30 pounds or less and a maximum scale division size of a ½-ounce or 0.02 pounds.
  • Any scale used must be pre-approved by the City Sealer prior to the vendor’s first sale of each year.  Some approved scale sources are Badger Scale Co., (920) 662-2680, and Valley Scale, (920) 434-3300.

Please call the City Sealer at (920) 448-3300 if you have questions or for scale certification.