Weights & Measures

The Weights & Measures Division supervises all sales of commodities within the City of Green Bay and also provides weights and measures services to the Villages of Allouez, Bellevue, and Howard.  This is regulated by Chapter 22 of the City code.

The City regulates sales or purchases done by weight or measure and also tests and certifies scales, scanners, meters, and measures used within the City.

Staff checks weight/measure of factory and store packed products, enforces labeling rules on packaged products, and investigates and resolves consumer complaints, taking enforcement action where necessary.

In addition, the City Sealer approves City licenses for transient merchants, solicitors, salvage, provides testing services to area governmental agencies, and provides consulting and certification services to area industries.

If you have a concern regarding any of these items, contact the Weights & Measures Division by telephone at (920) 448-3300 or fill out an Online Report.