City of Green Bay Smart Growth 2022 Comprehensive Plan
This plan was unanimously adopted by the City on April 2, 2003 and is in compliance with the State of Wisconsin’s Smart Growth requirements. The preparation of the Plan relied heavily on the participation of the Citizens of Green Bay. The Plan provides City leaders with a guide to use while assessing policy and development proposals.

District & Corridor Planning
Long Range Planning is used to identify and recommend proper development policies for the City of Green Bay. Land use and development in the City is guided by the City of Green Bay Smart Growth 2022 Comprehensive Plan and a variety of other area plans, all of which encompasses a wide range of community interests, represents the community’s vision, comprehensively examines the community’s strengths and weaknesses, and allows implementation of needed planning policies which provide direction for the future and the best possible development for the City’s long-term success.

Neighborhood Plans
Historic Preservation
Target Investment Areas