Codes and Ordinances

Green Bay Municipal Code

Chapter 12- City Planning

Chapter 13- Zoning Code
To request a zoning change, please submit a Request for City Action Form to Planning Staff.
If you’re seeking a Variance to the Zoning Code, please review the Appealing for a Variance document and find the application here.

Chapter 14- Subdivision and Platting Code

Chapter 15- Building Code

Chapter 16- Plumbing Code

Chapter 17- Electrical Code

Chapter 19- Heating & Air Conditioning

Chapter 22- Weight, Measures, Marketing

Chapter 23- Housing Code

Chapter 28- Public Nuisances


State Codes

Subdivision and Platting

Plumbing Code- SPS382

Electrical Code- SPS316 (Our inspectors also abide by the National Electric Code – NEC2011)