The Electrical Division inspects residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  Permits are required for new construction and remodeling projects.  For your own safety, always contract with a licensed electrician.

Electrical permits are issued for:

One- and two-family homes
Multi-family dwellings including apartment complexes Condominiums
Commercial buildings
Industrial buildings

An electrical permit is required when any electrical work is being done in conjunction with a building permit.  If no building permit is required, and more than three outlets (receptacles, lights, switches, etc.) are added, an electrical permit is required (this usually excludes minor repairs).

The owner of an existing single-family dwelling where he/she resides may obtain an electrical permit for wiring in that dwelling.  Electrical services and all other wiring in the City must be done by an electrical contractor licensed in Green Bay.  If you are hiring a licensed electrical contractor to do the wiring, they will submit the electrical permit (there is no need for you to meet with an electrical inspector in City Hall).

If you intend to do the wiring yourself, you must meet with one of the electrical inspectors in City Hall at 100 N. Jefferson Street.  Please call (920) 448-3300 to schedule an appointment.  Please bring a floor plan with you showing the location of all receptacles, lights, switches, etc. that you intend to install.  The inspector will then ask you some basic wiring questions to determine if you are knowledgeable about that wiring, such as:

  • What type of wiring are you using?
  • What is the size of the wire?
  • What size overcurrent device will protect the wire?
  • How will you ground the devices or equipment?
  • Is ground fault protection required?

If you can answer these basic wiring questions and/or others, the inspector can issue an electrical permit to you.

To schedule an inspection, call (920) 448-3300, Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM at least one business day prior to inspection date needed.  FINAL INSPECTIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL PROJECTS. 

Attention, Electrical Contractors!
Before any electrical work can begin, the permit and fee needs to be received by the Inspection Division.  No appointments can be scheduled until this happens.  In a case where the building contractor paid for all permits, it is the electrical contractor’s responsibility to mail, fax (920) 448-3117, or email inspmail@greenbaywi.gov a copy of the electrical permit.  On commercial or industrial permits, please send the Fault Current information when required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the appropriate inspector with any questions regarding your electrical projects:

West Side – Steve Krueger, (920) 448-3307, stephenkr@greenbaywi.gov

East Side – Kevin Davister, (920) 448-3309, kevinda@greenbaywi.gov