Home Improvement Loan Program Application

  • Please show the Estimated Fair Market Value of your home as stated on your most recent property tax bill. If your property tax bill is sent to your mortgage holder, you may obtain this information by calling the City Assessor’s Office at 448-3066.
  • Income of all Persons

  • Not Required Questions

  • Improvements List

  • Below is a list of the most commonly made improvements under our loan programs. If you need one or more of the listed improvements, add a brief explanation in the lines provided after each item. If an improvement you wish to make is not listed here, please describe it in the last category under "Other."


If you would like to download this application instead, please print it off, fill it out, and mail to:
Green Bay Redevelopment Authority
100 N. Jefferson Street, Room 608
Green Bay, WI 54301