Downtown Master Plan Update

Logo>Warehouse DistrictWalnut and MonroeCity SquareWashington StVision Statement (Summary): It is the year 2029, and the City of Green Bay Downtown Master Plan has become reality…

Green Bay’s downtown has successfully leveraged its momentum, and the results look to the future, honor the past, celebrate community identity, embrace livability, and sustain the environment. Green Bay’s downtown is a truly authentic place – the heart and soul of a world-class city.

2014 Downtown Master Plan

The Plan Recommendations Report of the AuthentiCity Plan provides plan components and recommendations intended to guide development and public improvement within the downtown primarily over the next 10-year timeframe. However, some portions of this plan reflect more of a long-range vision and reach into a timeframe of 15 to 20 years. This report overviews each of the specific recommendations and provides detail and direction for a phased implementation. Additionally, this report documents the public planning process and results to provide support for furthering the recommendations.

AuthentiCity: Plan Recommendations Report

The appendices to the Plan Recommendations Report provide summaries of the four public workshops held during the planning process.

AuthentiCity: Appendix

The State of the Downtown report provides a snapshot of the current conditions of Green Bay’s downtown. Some historical context is also provided where it is particularly helpful. While this report is not intended to be an encyclopedia of all downtown knowledge and history, it does attempt to help answer the questions of where the downtown is today and how it got there.

AuthentiCity: State of the Downtown Report

1997 Downtown Design Plan

The 2014 Downtown Master Plan supersedes the former Downtown Design Plan.  The 1997 plan is also available here for preservation and archival purposes.  While it no longer represents current policy or guidance for development, it displays the evolution of thought and implementation for downtown planning aspirations.

Downtown Design Plan 1997
Poster Plan (Front)
Poster Plan (Back)