Concessions 1What visit to an amusement park would be complete without a few treats? At our concession stands, we offer the area’s best Cotton Candy as well as popcorn, nachos, slush, sno-cones, soda, and ice cream novelties.


photo (3) Located near the Zippin Pippin roller coaster,  Bay Beach Grill offers soft serve ice cream cones, cold beverages as well as grilled hamburgers, French fries and other fried specialties.


Pavilion In our main Pavilion, we offer hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, French fries and many other fine foods to quench that lunch or dinner time hunger. Don’t forget the soft serve ice cream after lunch. Enjoy the ambiance of this historic building as you enjoy your meal.


Concession 2As you are strolling around the park, be on the lookout for our kiosks. Our ice cream cart offers novelties such as Drumsticks and Spongebob bars to cool you down on a hot afternoon. The pretzel cart provides hungry customers with delicious jumbo soft pretzels with cheese at an affordable price.