Hagemeister Park Unveils Renderings for CityDeck Dining Spot

Hagemeister Park Restaurant is releasing construction renderings for their new waterfront restaurant to be located adjacent to the Children’s Museum and CityDeck in Downtown Green Bay.  The new restaurant will be the first CityDeck dining spot with plans to open late Spring 2012.


Hagemeister Park will be a 9,000 square foot restaurant along with a 4,000 square foot outdoor patio featuring a 20 foot by 44 foot heated canopy.  The property will feature a 300 patron capacity, meeting/party rooms for 25-60 with technology amenities, over 20 TVs for sports viewing and incredible water views.  The restaurant will also provide public restrooms for CityDeck visitors and event attendees.  Paul Johnson Construction is the lead contractor for the interior and outdoor seating area and provided construction renderings attached.


The theme of the restaurant dates back to 1919 in Green Bay’s history.  Hagemeister Park was the original home of the Green Bay Packers for the 1919-1922 seasons.  See the attached summary of the park’s history for details.   The restaurant format will be a mix between casual and fine dining with a family-friendly atmosphere.  Specialty German items will be featured as a nod to the Hagemeister heritage.   Local products including Titletown and Hinterland beers and Captain’s Walk wines will be available.  Delivery and catering will also be available.


Jess Miller, Managing Partner, says the restaurant will add about 60 jobs to the area.  He believes the restaurant will be opening in an ideal business climate stating, “We feel the timing could not be better with the excitement building in the neighborhood with the Children’s Museum to the South, Schreiber to the East and CityDeck to the West.  The location is prime for Hagemeister.”  Miller and partners will also be marketing 2,100 square feet adjacent to their property with Washington Street frontage.


For more information about Hagemeister Park Restaurant or the available parcel next to their space, contact Jess Miller at 920.660.7501 or E-mail jmiller@meetatthebar.com.