July 30, 2018 Proposed Route Changes

Due to the implementation of the East Side Transfer Point, most east side routes will be restructured.  The proposed changes are attached.  These changes will provide many additional benefits to the community, such as:

·        Minimizing passenger ride times
·        Additional opportunities for in route transfers
·        Increased Paratransit boundary
·        Increased frequency on two main corridors (E.Mason, Main)
·        Extended service and frequency in the Village of Bellevue

Many additional businesses and schools will receive public transportation           access such as:  
BioLife East, EastSide YMCA, Bellin College of Nursing, Brown County Sherriff’s Office, OSMS, Lakeland College, and Aldo Leopold School



Route 12 Coal Line (replace Route 1)


Route 13 River Line


Route 14 Brown Line


Route 15 Aqua Line


Route 16 Pink Line


Route 18 Tan Line


Route 70/18 Shadow Line (Limited Service Route)




Route 2 Orange Zippin Line


Route 3 Silver Line


Route 9 Gold – Name Change Only




Green Bay Metro is holding six (6) informational meetings to allow the public to provide comments and to answer questions regarding the proposed route changes.  All meetings are scheduled to take place at the Transit Center, 901 University Ave, Green Bay, WI  54302. Dates of the meetings are as follows:

June 4 @ 3:45pm              June13 @ 5:45pm                           June14 @ 10:15am
June 19 @ 10:15am          June20 @ 4:15pm                           June25 @ 11:15am

A public hearing is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at the Green Bay Transit Commission meeting.

Upon Transit Commission approval, the implementation date is scheduled for July 30, 2018.