IV. Level II Inappropriate Conduct on Buses or in Other Facilities

The following conduct is prohibited in all Metro facilities, including but not limited to, buses, Transfer Points, park and ride lots, and bus shelters except as specifically limited below. Any individual observed engaging in the conduct may be told by a Bus Operator or Operation Supervisor or other authorized individual to leave the facilities immediately and may be subject to arrest by proper authorities. The Bus Operator is authorized to request police assistance if necessary. These offenses may also subject passenger(s) to the Exclusion Procedure, described in Section VI; further legal action may be taken as applicable and appropriate.

  • Smoking on buses. (See Section V below concerning lighting an incendiary device (e.g. match, lighter, or torch).
  • Fighting.
  • Bringing any items of a dangerous nature on-board buses including: weapons (pistols, rifles, knives or swords); flammable liquids; dangerous, toxic or poisonous
  • substances; vessels containing caustic materials, chemicals, acids or alkalis; fishing rods which are not broken down or have unsecured or exposed hooks or lures,
  • ski poles unless secured to skis or have tip covers; sheet glass and sharp objects. Fencing foils must be sheathed and left at the front of the bus with the bus operator.
  • Behavior that is disruptive, harassing, or threatening in nature to Metro passengers or employees. This includes following or stalking passengers or employees.
  • Causing sounds that are unreasonable and highly disruptive of other individuals using Metro facilities or services, including but not limited to: prolonged loud, abusive,
  • indecent, profane or drunken conduct.
  • Misuse of fare media.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages or possessing open containers of alcoholic beverages.
  • Otherwise disorderly or inappropriate conduct which is inconsistent with the safe and orderly use of transit facilities for their intended purpose.