II. Overview & Definitions

No individual may engage in inappropriate conduct on, at or in the facilities of Green Bay Metro, including at Transfer Points, in shelters, at bus stops, and at administrative, operational, and maintenance facilities, or on buses used to provide Metro fixed route or paratransit services. Inappropriate conduct includes any individual or group activity which is disruptive or injurious to other individuals lawfully using Metro facilities or services; damaging or destructive to transit facilities or services; or disruptive, harassing, threatening or injurious to transit employees.

Inappropriate conduct may also constitute a violation of an ordinance or criminal law. The fact that an individual is or is not charged or convicted of an incident of inappropriate conduct does not bar investigation and/or exclusion under this Policy.

The term Green Bay Metro or Metro means the City of Green Bay, Green Bay Metro Division. The term “facilities” means all property and equipment of Green Bay Metro, including, without limitation, inside and outside areas of Green Bay Metro (City) property, bus shelters, bus stops, transfer points, signage and buses used to provide Green Bay Metro service.

The term “Green Bay Metro facilities” includes both the public and non-public areas of Metro facilities.

The term “public area” of Green Bay Metro facilities includes those portions of facilities that are open for public use for transit or transit related purposes.

The term “transit services” means fixed route bus service and complementary paratransit service.